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“Biosphere Reserve,” Odai town, Mie, Japan













Nature and humans live together in harmony.

Our home, Odai Town, is recognized as part of a UNESCO designated Biosphere Reserve. As forests cover 93 percent of Odai Town, people lead their lives in harmony with the abundant nature. Odai Town boasts near-pristine forests, which encompass the Osugidani Valley, known as one of the three major ravines in Japan; and the Miyagawa River, which is rated as the clearest class A river in Japan. Deep in the forest, towering centuries-old trees are rooted firmly and freshwater trout swim in the mountain stream as a symbol of purity. The most remarkable characteristic is the fact that over 500 species of various broad-leaved trees and conifers have grown here. It is very rare in Japan for the forest to support such a diverse environment. This unique natural state, indigenous to this region, has been painstakingly maintained. And to further protect this unrivaled natural setting for future generations, we have begun on forest conservation. Collecting seeds from naturally grown trees, raising their seedlings, choosing planting locations, and planting them in the suitable area—through this forest conservation process in accordance with the laws of nature, we can live harmoniously with nature. Although the growth of even one tree requires much patience, this effort is what is now required of us, the people of Odai.




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